How to setup and use metamask wallet BNB wallet in your browser

Just bought some BNB to convert them to STARBOUND and wondering where to store them? Storing your coins and tokens on the exchange is not a good idea. You should move them to a wallet where you hold your private keys.

MetaMask is a free, open source browser extension that provides the simplest and the most secure way to connect and interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

Here, we’ll explain how to setup and use MetaMask wallet. It’ll cover how to install Metamask on your browser, how to create and secure your account, and how to receive, send and manage BNB.

This is the complete beginner's guide to MetaMask.


What is MetaMask?


MetaMask is an Ethereum based wallet and a tool that connects you to the Ethereum blockchain. It allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow safely and securely right from your browser. You can install this plugin on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox and is also compatible with Brave browser.

Is MetaMask safe?

MetaMask is an important part of the Ethereum community and is trusted by over 1 million users worldwide.

It has strong security features like encrypting seed phrase using additional password. Also, it has a strong community of developers updating the wallet and, so far, MetaMask hasn’t suffered any hacks or attacks.

Installing MetaMask browser wallet

To start using MetaMask, you need to first install the extension to your browser. MetaMask wallet is available on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox as well as Brave browser. In this tutorial, we’ll be using Chrome. But, the process is the same for all browsers.

1. Go to (Official website) page and install MetaMask extension for your browser.

Direct Links:


Note: Rather than using direct links, it is recommended that you install MetaMask from the official website. Beware of fake extensions and phishing websites.

2. Click on Add to Chrome, Firefox or whichever browser you are on and then allow permission.

3. Upon adding the extension, you’ll see the MetaMask icon at the top right corner of your browser. Also, it will redirect you to a page where it will display the welcome message.

It means you’ve successfully installed MetaMask.

Great! Let’s now create an account / wallet.

MetaMask wallet setup

1. Click on the MetaMask Fox icon at the top right corner of your browser and then click Get started.

2. Now, you have two options to setup the wallet. You can create a new wallet or you can import wallet from seed which will be covered later in this guide.

Since you are setting up a new wallet, click on “Create a Wallet” which will create a new wallet and a seed phrase.

3. On the next screen, read and agree to the privacy policy or proceed with no thanks.

4. Now, you’ll be asked to setup a password for your wallet. Set a strong password, confirm it, read and agree to the terms of use and then, finally click create.

5. On the next screen you’ll be provided with the secret backup phrase along with some security tips. Read the instructions carefully. Remember to backup this seed phrase and never reveal it to anyone.

Tip: Write it on a piece of paper and store it in a secure location. Additionally, you can also save them on password managers like Keepass.

Note: No matter what happens to your Metamask wallet, whether your computer crashes, your hardware fails, or let’s say you forgot your wallet password, all you need is this secret backup phrase to restore your account completely. So, backup this information safely and make sure they are in the correct order.

Once you’ve safely stored the secret backup phrase, click on next.

6. Now, you’ll be asked to confirm the secret backup phrase.

Choose them in order and only if the sequence is correct, you’ll be provided with the option to continue.


Once you’ve solved the seed phrase puzzle click on confirm to complete the wallet setup.

Finally, you’ll be given additional tips on securing your seed-phrase. Read them and click All Done which will take you to the wallet interface.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created MetaMask wallet.

How to use MetaMask?


You can manage your wallet from the extension itself. But, for better view, let’s first make Metamask full screen.

Click on the fox icon at the upper right corner which will drop down the wallet. Now, next to your account you’ll see three dots. Click on the account settings and select expand view to view Metamask on full screen. It will open the Web UI.

Now, the wallet should look clean and pretty straight forward.

Select Networks

At the top right of your wallet, you’ll see a drop down menu with Main Ethereum Network selected. This is the default network that you need to use to sign transaction and interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

Now, before you deposit BNB tokens to your MetaMask wallet, you'll need to add the Binance Smart Chain Network in your list

This is covered thoroughly in our next tutorial here.